John and Mary and the Cross

Put yourself in the garden with Jesus. In the distance you can hear people, a group of men approaching. You see the glow of torches through the trees. As they draw near you recognize the Temple guard. Judas is with them. The moment Jesus has told you of has arrived. Its begun. You see Judas embrace Jesus. The guards move forward. Jesus speaks. They fall back. Some think that when Jesus spoke, when He said, “I am He”, He actually used the Great “I AM”. The Divine Name that only the high priest uttered once a year during the Passover season when he entered the Holy of Holies in the Temple to offer up the lambs blood. Here Jesus, the True High Priest and Lamb of God, speaks that Name, His Name. “I am”. The Name God shared with Moses when asked, “Who shall I say has sent me?” The guards fall back out of sheer shock. They collect themselves, move forward again. Peter strikes with the sword. Jesus stops the violence, heals the wounded man, and all of His followers run. Away. He is alone with those bent on His destruction. As He is taken away two of the twelve follow at a distance. Peter and John. John is able to gain entrance to the court-yard when Jesus is taken before the high priest for His “trial”. We lose track of John here. Did he stay, like Peter, at a distance? Consoling himself that he was still with Christ, he had not forsaken Him? He was just waiting at a safe distance. How often do I think I’m ok even when I keep a “safe” distance? Isn’t the whole point of being a Christian to draw nearer Christ? Where does a safe distance enter into that equation? Or did John leave, going … where? We don’t know because we’re not told. Peter stays. At a safe distance. But he is still there, still keeping Jesus in view. Does he feel good about himself because he is, after all, still there? What does he do? He warms himself by the fire. How often do we convince ourselves that we’re ok because we can still see Jesus even while we warm ourselves by a worldly flame? Doesn’t that always end in denial? Back to John. Whatever he did after he got Peter into the courtyard (John “knew” someone, he had “contacts”, “pull”.) we don’t see him again untill the Crucifixion. He is at the foot of the cross with the mother of Christ. Mary. Why there and why with Mary? I said all of the above to make one relatively short point. Jesus loved John. John is called the disciple that Jesus loved. We know that Jesus loved, loves, them, us, all. But why was John singled out this way? For the same reason that he was at the cross with Mary. You see, John loved Jesus. But he ran just like all the rest. He deserted. But when it came to Mary and the cross he could not run, he would not desert. Why? Because John had a relationship with Mary as well as his relationship with Jesus. He could not let her go alone to Calvary. He went because he loved Jesus, true. But he also went out of love and care for Mary. You see now how it works? Because John loved Mary and could not bear to leave her during this time of sorrow he stands where? He stands at the foot of the cross with Jesus. Do you see now how it works? It really is: “To Jesus through Mary.”

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