Taking a Stand … Ask Peter

Ask Peter. Taking a stand can be a frightening thing. The world looks big, the powers of darkness, the darkness that arises from the pit of hell as a smoke that clouds men’s hearts, can seem overwhelming. The world has soldiers, temple guards, whips, chains, and more. It even offers us a comforting fire to stand by, so long as we remain still, quiet, and take no stand that would upset the status quo. In the face of taking a stand we can falter, step back, even deny Christ. Luke 22:62.

Ask Peter. Taking a stand can be a hard thing to do. Standing up, standing out. But that’s what Jesus did, isn’t it? He stood up, He stood out. He didn’t ask for it but He knew what was coming. Everyday that He took a stand He stood there facing the controversy that sin, not God, brought to the fore. Jesus Christ was, is, and always will be for as long as this world stands as it is controversial. Christ, Christianity, Christians always see controversy. That’s because by standing up, by taking a stand, those of the world see in us Jesus, the Truth, that we represent as though holding up a mirror. But when they look into the mirror that we hold up to them just by being Christian they see what they don’t want to see. They see their own sins looking back at “them”. Remember “them”, they are important. But Peter, knowing all this, stood up. On the day of Pentecost, with Pharisees, scribes, temple guards, Romans, those responsible for the murder of the Christ all watching and listening, Peter took a stand. And he preached to all these the Truth. Acts 2.

Ask Peter. Taking a stand can be costly. By taking a pro-life stand, by voting pro-life, by not supporting organizations that in turn support things like abortion or Planned Parenthood, by calling homosexuality what it is … a sin, by standing up for real marriage, by standing against unjust laws via civil disobedience, these things can cost us. But He told us that in the beginning. He said we would be persecuted. He was. Why should we expect better treatment than Him? Luke 23:31.

Ask Peter. If we, if I, if you, take a stand what can we expect? “They” crucified Jesus. “They” crucified Peter too. And “they” thought “they” were doing the right thing both times. John 11:50 & John 16:2. Remember “they” because “they” are important.

Ask Peter. “They” wont like us when we take a stand. “They” will talk about us. “They” will slander us. “They” will take us to court, persecute us, deny their relationships with us. “They” will hate us. “They” will call us backwards, ignorant, stupid. “They” will even call us evil and say that the things we do for good, for God, are evil. Isaiah 5:20 & Matthew 5:11.

Yes, you can ask Peter. He denied Christ, preached Christ, suffered at the hands of others for the love of Christ, and died for Christ as a result. But if you ask Peter now, ask him right now if it was all worth it, his answer would be much different from the “I don’t know the man!” of earlier. Please read 1 Peter 5:10-11.

You see, in his denial of Christ Peter came to understand that “they” are to be prayed for, to be sought after, to never be shunned but rather to be loved. And that’s because the Holy Spirit, latter, brought all things Jesus had said back to his mind. Peter remembered. John 14:26 & Matthew 5:44.

And do we remember “them” and “they”? Do we remember who “they” are? “They” are “us”, before we turn to Jesus. Romans 3:23 & 1 Corinthians 6:11.

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