Evolution verses Creation

First of all I have to tell you up front that the above title is misleading. Evolutionary theory and a world or universe created by God are not at odds if they are both rightly understood. Don’t give up on me now, just keep reading. It is ATHEISTIC evolutionary theory and a creation by God that are at odds. But atheism and evolution do NOT go hand in hand. They are not synonymous. Consider the following …

How old were Adam and Eve on the day God created them? Obviously less than a day old. What were the first two things God told them? He told them to be fruitful and multiply, and not to eat the fruit of one particular tree. Think about it. They were less than a day old. Can a baby less than a day old eat solid food or procreate? Of course not. Adam and Eve were only a few hours old but they were created as adults. They were able to follow both of God’s first two instructions to them. Eat food, just not from that one tree, and multiply. You see, God doesn’t give us rules or commands that He knows we can’t keep because that would be unjust and He is perfectly just. So He made sure that they had the faculties to do what He had said. He created them both as grown adults, fully functional. They were a few hours old and yet they LOOKED like adults and indeed were. This is called “apparent age”. They looked older than they were and, again, were fully functional as adults. And the same is true of all the rest of creation. Stars looked as though they’d been drifting apart for billions of years, trees had fruit, birds were ready to build nests and have young, mountains stood as though thrust up by tectonic process for millions of years, all things were fully in place regardless their true age.

Not just the above is true, but the functionality of these things required that certain unseen mechanisms be created in place also. Fish didn’t need to be taught to swim, birds weren’t told to migrate. These things came naturally because they were installed at creation as a part of creation. And THIS is how we should view evolution. It is a thing that God created as a part of creation so as to keep the creation functioning. Evolution is as real, and necessary, as nervous impulses and tides. And just as truly created by God.

Evolution is just a thing like air, or water, or the void of space. Its only when used to bad purposes, atheistic purposes, that PEOPLE turn it into a bad thing. There was nothing wrong with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil either until the fruit was eaten. Before that it was perfectly good for its shade, beauty, and all the other things Adam and Eve COULD have used it for other than food. You see, this is a big part of what sin is all about. Taking good things and twisting them. Its only when a thing is twisted, like twisting the truth into a lie, that it becomes evil.

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