Is the Rosary Vain Repetition?

I deal a lot with the Rosary. That’s because it is a gift from my mother, the Blessed Virgin, and I love it because I love her. I love her because she loves Jesus, Who loves me most and best, and she takes me nowhere but to Him. But some folks say the Rosary is just vain repetition, and that Jesus said not to pray like that. And it is true that He said not to use vain repetitions, but is that what the Rosary is?

What is “vain”? A thing is vain if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. If I kept striking matches and none of them caught fire then the action would be in vain and the matches a waste. When I pray the Rosary, does it accomplish what it’s supposed to? Does it bring me closer to Jesus and the fire of His love? If it does then it is no vain act. It is no waste of my time.

Look at the recitation of the Most Holy Rosary and you’ll see that it isn’t even repetition. Not really. If I drive a car over a bridge, going towards my destination, is it a repetition if I cross another bridge? No. Each bridge is closer to, and brings me closer to, where I want to go. Each bridge is, in truth, a new starting place on my journey. Just so each Hail Mary brings me closer to my desired end. Closer union with my Jesus.

If you’re tempted to think of the Rosary as a vain repetition consider that Satan would like nothing more than for you to concentrate on that thought rather than the Holy thoughts in the Rosary. As long as you desire to pray your desire keeps your actions a true prayer. There is nothing vain or repetitious about it. The only danger in praying your Rosary is the one posed to Satan and his demons. They fear it, which is why they try to dissuade people from praying it.

Jesus said that if a child asked it’s father for bread, would the father give it a stone? No loving father would do that. What our loving Father has done is to give us a loving mother and she has given us her Rosary. It leads to that Bread which came down from Heaven. Don’t let a stoney heart keep you from the Meal.

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  1. Beautiful and done with great love. Thank you and God Bless.
    Our Lord gave us three wonderful gifts.
    He gave us Himself in the Eucharist
    He gave us His bride – the Church
    And He gave us His Mother to be our Mother.

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