Part 10: The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion

Part 10 in a 15 part series on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

The fifth sorrowful mystery: The Crucifixion.

Crucified like a common criminal. No Roman citizen could be crucified. They were better than that. Only the lowest of the low were crucified. I suppose they weren’t considered “common” criminals. Those reserved for crucifixion were uncommon. Not that crucifixion was uncommon. It wasn’t. But the people crucified were considered worthy of special treatment. No humane ending for them. It was the spiteful torture of an enemy. But He didn’t deserve it. If He didn’t deserve it who did? Why did He suffer? For what? For who? He took my place. I deserved it. Not for being the enemy of a man or of the state but for being at enmity with God due to my sins. They separate me from the Almighty and put me at odds with Him. But He loves. He loves me. And this is the result. The result of His love and my sin. Sometimes I shudder when I think of the nails being pounded into Him. This is what justifies me, this is what gives me my shot at working out my salvation, this buys for me an eternity of love and wonder with the One I grieved.

Prayer: Mother Mary, please help me always to remember what Jesus does for me, what my sins have done to Jesus, what they’ve done to others, and what they’ve done to me.

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