Part 8: The Third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning With Thorns

Part 8 of a 15 part series on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

The third sorrowful mystery: The Crowning With Thorns.

They strip Him of His clothing and, mocking Him, dress Him in a purple robe. Purple being a color for royalty this garment is fit for a king. They place a reed in His hand as His royal scepter. And they crown Him with thorns. I’m told that with the type of plant they used the thorns were very large. More like nails. According to one mystic, I believe that it was Mary of Agreda, one of these huge thorns actually penetrated the skull. This was the crown they supplied the King of the Jews. They bow, they kneel, they pay Him homage. The slap Him, spit on Him, strike Him over the head driving the crown down yet deeper. “All hail, king of the Jews!” This is humiliation taken to its highest, no, to its lowest level. And He accepts it without whimper or complaint. He is my example. King of the Jews and more. King and Creator of the Universe. And He suffers humiliation willingly in order to accomplish His Father’s will. His Father’s will is that He provide for me, provide for my justification. It is for me that He remains silent, endures the pain, and prepares Himself for what is yet to come.

Prayer: Mother Mary, help me to accept humiliation at the hands of the world for love of Jesus and Holy Mother Church.

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