The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy and Meditation

Santuario de la Divina Misericordia,Tocuila,Ot...

Santuario de la Divina Misericordia,Tocuila,Otumba,Estado de México,México. (Photo credit: Catedrales e Iglesias)



I love the Divine Mercy Chaplet almost as much as my Rosary. 🙂 I have heard, and I believe this, that Jesus told St. Faustina to pray the Chaplet on Rosary beads and not a separate string designed especially for His Chaplet because He wanted folks to pray His Mother’s Rosary too. One thing that has always bugged me about the Chaplet is that there are five decades but no mysteries to meditate on like with the Rosary. Or at least none that I’m aware of. I was thinking about that one day and it came to me that the Chaplet revolves around the Passion. “For the sake of His sorrowful passion …” And the thought came, “This chaplet concerns the passion, it has five decades, there are Five Holy Wounds as per His passion. Why not use these as meditations with the chaplet?” Now I have to say here that I’ve always had a personal view of the five wounds of Christ. I understand the traditional sequence, the right hand, left hand, right foot, left foot, and side. But for whatever reason I’ve always thought in terms of the brow pierced by the crown of thorns, the back that was scourged, the hands, the side, and the feet. With that in mind I share here personal thoughts on these five wounds as meditation material suitable for the five decades of the Divine Mercy Chaplet.


#1: Jesus’ brow pierced by the crown of thorns. ~ He was, He is, a King. King of Kings and Lord of Lords. What were His thoughts as they placed this painful mockery of a crown on His head? His thoughts were of me. What thoughts do I harbor for others when they “crown” me with sarcasm or insults? Are my thoughts like His, or are they hurtful towards those hurting me, causing Him even more pain as He watches me, His follower, being unforgiving?


#2: Jesus’ back and the scourging. ~ When He turned His back He didn’t turn His back ON me, He turned His back FOR me. He turned His back to my sins and in doing so gave Himself for me. I’m the sinner, the one deserving to be scourged. But He took my whipping for me.


#3: Jesus’ hands nailed to the cross. ~ A carpenter’s hands. How much honest labor, how many times folded in prayer, how often held out to the helpless and hopeless? How did He use His hands? And how have I used mine? He heals with His. Do I wound others with mine, or do I put mine in His?


#4: Jesus’ side is pierced by the lance. ~ I’m told it went to His heart. He allowed is heart to be opened for me. He wants me close to His heart. What is my heart like? Is it open to others? Or is it so hard that no lance could pierce it?


#5: The pierced feet of Jesus. ~ Those feet. The ones that walked in the Temple, down dusty roads, into the house of sinner and saint alike, the feet that walked on water. He used His feet to go and to do good. I have control over my feet. They go where I want, take me where I want. And where, in my life, have I walked? Would I be proud to take Him with me on my walks? Or would I hide my face in shame, not wanting Him to know of my wanderings?