Part 7: The Second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging

Part 7 of a 15 part series on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

The second sorrowful mystery: The Scourging.

I understand that Jesus is God. It always irks me when I hear someone say, “Yes, Jesus was God.” Past tense? Anyway. Yes He is God. But He was also, is also True Man. What does it mean to be true man? It means that even though He is God He is also fully human. Fully human in all areas save sin. He is everything Adam should have been and wasn’t. The New Adam. A perfect example of manhood. Real manhood and not the false brand concocted by Hollywood and sold by the business world via jeans, cars, and aftershave. You can’t put on real manhood with clothing or a smell. Real manhood is living for God, putting God first. This requires not the “Do what you want” relativism handed to us by the liberal media but rather self-discipline. Ouch. That hurts. It hurts pride, ego, it hurts … self. Jesus put self aside in favor of God’s will. He prefered obedience to God’s will to the satisfying of self. And what happened as a result of the perfect example He set? The things we learn of Him in the Sorrowful Mysteries. They scourged Him. Sometimes I flench when I think of this. He let them. He is God. He could have put a stop to all of this. But no. He put that human self under subjection to the will of God rather than the will of the flesh. By His stripes we are, present tense, healed.

Prayer: Mother Mary, please help me be obedient to the law of Christ for love of Jesus.

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