Abortion, Stem cell research, Euthanasia, Life Issues

Gloria.tv: They Had Abortions.

Abortion, Stem cell research, Euthanasia, Life Issues. The above video is a good one. Think about people who believe that they have the right to choose life or death for another human being. Because the other person may be a drain on society, perhaps needing long-term care. A cancer patient, an embryo with signs of downs syndrome, an older person with dementia. Perhaps some are victims of poor genetics and should be taken out of the gene pool for the good of all. Others might be, for any number of seemingly plausible reasons, morally objectionable. It would be a means of protecting society, of guarding truly human culture, to remove these. People, individuals, the government, the rulers, the scientists would have a moral duty, a moral obligation, a moral right to intercede for the good of all. If some object they should at best be pitied for their ignorance and backward ways. Or, maybe, they to need to be dealt with in some way. If they hamper the good of the majority what real right do they have to hold humanity as a whole back, perhaps even threaten the existence of the race? Years ago a scientist took a child, for the good of all, and broke the childs limbs. The he re-set them. Broke them again. Re-set them. Over and over and over. The child was “deficient” and so suitable for such experiments. I remember seeing a photo of the child laying on a table, smiling up at the doctor performing the experiments. The good doctor was patting the child like a good dog. The purpose of the experiment? To see how many times a bone could be broken before it wouldn’t set properly. This would be a help to medical science. In the opinion of the doctor involved.

The above description, thoughts? I was thinking of Nazis. Who were you thinking of?

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