A Rosary Prayer & Meditation Tool

I really wish I could claim the following idea as my own but I can’t. I found it on Facebook. I’ve tried it and it is WONDERFUL. I will continue to use it on a regular basis. Because it has proven itself with me I share it here …

Take a sticky-note and use it as a marker in your New Testament. You’ll move it down, line by line, “marking” each line with it as you go. Note that you’re going line by line, not verse by verse. As you pray the Rosary, with each new mystery you go to a new line and meditate on what that line tells you about that mystery, or vice versa. Personally the only lines I skip are the “begats” and “begots”. Don’t worry if the mystery and line seem not to match. With the exercise of a bit of gray matter, and with help from above, you’ll be amazed at the insights even from seemingly unrelated thoughts. Don’t give up if at first it seems a tad hard. It’ll grow on you, and you’ll grow as a result.

Example: I’ll share this because I think it is a good example of “unrelated” thoughts. I was about to pray the Fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I drop down to the next line in my Bible and its about Joseph, finding Mary pregnant, and going to “put her away privately”. So, how do these relate? I looked, I thought, I believe the Holy Spirit revealed. To me at least, for my edification. I saw a play on words. God looked upon Mary and assumed her into Heaven. Joseph, being human, looked upon Mary and assumed something logical but incorrect. The lesson? Two fold: Don’t make assumptions because I don’t have all the facts, and God doesn’t see like I do. My vision is limited, leading to assumptions that aren’t correct. God’s vision is 20-20 in all directions and sees the reality of the situation.


Note: By “line” I mean a sentence.

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