Part 6: The First Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden

Part 6 of a 15 part series on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

The first sorrowful mystery: The Agony in the Garden.

Jesus in the garden praying. As was His custom. Here He is alone. His friends, at a distance, are invited to watch and wait with Him. They’re asleep as friends often are. He’s alone. But still He prays. Matthew 26:37 says that He “began to experience sorrow and distress.” It’s not a sin to be sad or to stress out. Its normal, its human, right now and right here its Christ. But back to His friends. It can’t be about whether or not the friends are awake or asleep or there for Him. This is much more personal than that. It’s about One on One. For me its one on One. Its my personal prayer relationship with God. It’s fine to invite others, to be with and pray with others. That’s in large degree what liturgy is all about. Praying with others. But sometimes prayer can be a lonely thing. Even painful. Jesus sweats blood. But alone and in pain He doesn’t give up. I’m told He prayed three times. Always the same prayer. Its hard work. This isn’t about feeling good or even about the pain. Those are secondary at best. It’s not about consolation or sorrow. He teaches me, by example, consistency. This is what real prayer, alone or with others, is about. This is a foundation stone in my prayer relationship with Him. “Pray without ceasing,” as the Apostle Paul says. “The unceasing prayer of a just man is of great avail,” as St. James says. His example to me here is to pray faithfully regardless how I feel, regardless who does or doesn’t pray with me, even regardless the outcome. Pray, and having prayed … Pray.

Prayer: Mother Mary, please help me persevere in prayer.

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