The Greatest of These is Love

Our inner life must be like a branch filled with sap, of which our works are the flowers. St. Bernard says: “If you are wise, you will be cisterns, not channels.” For the channel lets the water run off without holding a drop, while the cistern, on the contrary, fills itself first and, then, without becoming empty, pours forth its water upon the fields from its over-supply, which is constantly being refilled.

We, as followers of Christ, are like chalices. Filled to the top with the life of Jesus Christ, the overflow of them thus pours forth upon other souls.

Says St. Teresa: “Saintly soul does more real good for souls than a great number of other souls who are more gifted and learned.”

Thus, by the order fixed by God, our intimacy with Him glorifies Him far more than all the good which we may be able to do for a great many souls, at the expense of our own spiritual progress. Our Heavenly Father wishes this harmony to be always present in our zeal for souls.

… The above is taken from the book, “Sheltering the Divine Outcast”.

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