Doing God’s Will: A Simple How-To Guide

Lots of folks want to turn their will and their life over to God but don’t know how. Simple. Just do God’s will. First thing they say is, “I don’t know what that is!” Well that’s obvious or they wouldn’t be in the pickle they’re in. People seem always to be in pickles. I think that’s one reason God likens us to sheep. Sheep aren’t to bright. Anyway, the first thing to remember in finding out what God’s will is? Again simple. It ain’t yours. To do God’s will the first thing we need to do is be willing to give up doing our own. Once we get past that hurdle, and its a high one, things get even simpler. So now what is God’s will? Hey, its one of the reasons He founded an authoritative body here on earth, aka the Holy Roman Catholic Church. She tells us what His will is for us if we only listen. Simple: Go to Mass, go often to confession, give as we are able of our self and our means, be good and kind to others (and if you can’t do that then at least leave ’em alone), obey a few simple precepts concerning marriage and things like raising children (along with a few others that are simple and straightforward), and pray … a lot. Would you look at that! God’s will for you in a one paragraph nutshell! Simple. Not easy.

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