Spiritual Progress

I think that if we would commit to progress in our spiritual life there are really very few things needed, but these few are of the utmost importance. First of all we need to make up our minds to this end, make a firm commitment towards spiritual progress. If we turn back from the plow we are unworthy. Second, we ought not over burden ourselves with spiritual exercises. To much of anything is to lead an out of balance existence and this takes us no where positive. So we need to find that which is helpful to us. It ought not be a hard thing to do. There are really only a handful of things that matter most in the long run. Another good thing to do is pick one or two books, other than the Holy Bible and the catechism, that we can focus on repeatedly. This shouldn’t be to difficult either. The classics are few and well-known. The Imitation of Christ, Practising the Presence of God, and books of similar content. One that fits your bent so to speak. But don’t over do. The wisest man in the world wrote that there was no end to books. Our purpose isn’t to read all day and every book we can get our hands on. Our purpose is to love and serve God. Next should come a most important thing, the most important thing. Prayer. First of all pray for perseverance. Next pray with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and when you assist at Mass, and about your confession, which ought to be no less than once a month or better yet every two weeks. Consider also one devotion that will always take you back to all of the above in meditation and by showing you marvelous examples that will keep your spirit lifted. The Rosary. Now consider what has been said. All in one short paragraph. It was simple and straight forward, wasn’t it? Go now and be the same.

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