March 19 โ€“ Happy Saint Joseph’s Day!

March 19 โ€“ Saint Joseph, Martyr of Grandeur


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“Hail, Mary”

Praying, “off the cuff”, one on one , is wonderful. Pouring out my heart, being filled in return with His Heart. Formulae prayers, those we learn and repeat, are wonderful communications as well. Communication is always a two way street. Or should be. I cringe whenever some one says, “I want to talk to you”. “To” me? Not “with” me? It sounds rather insulting. Is my input not wanted, no response asked for? Oh, well. Formulae prayers, the memorized prayers, can get like that if we let them. Lets not let them. If we truly think about what we say we will, #1: Learn from the prayer (this would/should be God talking with us). And #2: Pray with sincerity and not from rote (this should be/would be us talking with God). Note the primary word here … “with”. Conversation as it should be. True communication. So when I pray a prayer I’ve learned by heart I need to get my heart involved. I need to listen as much, or more, than I speak. And God will speak to me and my heart will be edified along with my mind. And I will be changed. Changed for the better. One prayer I might listen to now is one I say often. The Hail Mary. If I listen, what might I hear?

“Hail, Mary,” … Hello Mother … “full of grace,” … No room for sin … “the Lord is with you.” … If I’m in her company I am in His as well … “Blessed are you among women,” … My mother stands out, she is one of a kind … “and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.” … She is my mother, she is His mother, and I am part of a family like no other … “Holy Mary,” … As mother of Jesus, with the very Word of God inside her, what else could she be? … “Mother of God,” … Jesus is identified for me by her … “pray for us sinners,” … Tells me my ranking in the family so that I don’t get confused, get proud, get ahead of myself, get ahead of you who are also a family member … “now and at the hour of our death.” … I ask for her prayers, for both me and you, now (and its always now) and when we die (because its all settled then and latter would be to late) … “Amen.” … Amen. I said it, I meant it, let it be this way.

I hear these things now. If I keep listening I bet I’ll hear more later.

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