Part 2: The Second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation

Part 2 of a 15 part series on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

The second joyful mystery: The Visitation.

God lets Mary know that her cousin Elizabeth, who is well past child-bearing age, is going to have a baby. This is a great joy. It is also a great responsibility. A responsibility for Elizabeth and her husband certainly, but also one for those about her that care. Mary cares. At once she leaves to go help Elizabeth, to be supportive, to be there for her. I may think this an easy decision on Marys part. But when I consider the circumstances, the hardship of the journey not to mention all she’ll do after her arrival ( house work, errands, laundry, and etc. ) I begin to see the sacrificial spirit at work in Mary. When she comes to her cousin Elizabeth is overjoyed. Not just for the help, not even for the arrival of one she loves, but because of the stirrings in her heart. She recognizes the mother of her Lord. So does her baby, little John. The joy is boundless, coming from God and shared with Elizabeth, the as of yet unborn John, Mary, and no doubt Jesus as well. Considering the tight family bonds this seems easy, and it probably was. How easy would it have been if they hadn’t loved each other? What joy would they have found in that meeting?

Prayer: Mother Mary, please help me love my neighbor. Especially those I find it difficult to love.

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