How to Kill Your Enemy

Long ago there was a very powerful, very wise and good king. It seems to me that if you are wise and good that’s all it takes to make an enemy. And so he had. There was one in his kingdom who plotted the kings assassination. One of the loyal nobleman of the realm found out about the scheme and went to warn the king. The king was grateful for the needed information and thanked the nobleman for his help. This man then went on a long journey to take care of personal business pertaining to his own estate. The king lost no time. He would deal with this enemy. He first called the enemy to his banquet hall to dine with the nobles. Not long after that he invited him to a grand ball. At one point he even requested his presence in the throne room and asked for his advice on affairs of state. And so the king continued to draw his enemy in. The nobleman that had warned the king returned from his long trip. On his arrival he requested an audience with the king. After having paid his respects he asked if the enemy had been dealt with. “My enemy?” replied the king. “Oh yes, I dealt with him. I killed my enemy. I made him my friend.”

Do not be conquered by evil but conquer evil with good. Romans 12:21.

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