A Series of Thoughts on the Rosary

Soon I will be starting a 15 part series on the Most Holy Rosary. I’ll be posting other stuff along the way too but I firmly believe that, after the Sacraments, the Rosary is the most powerful piece of Christian armor that we have in this life. With it we can, at home or anyplace else and at any time of day or night, celebrate all the Mysteries found in Holy Mass. Everything is there either in the Mysteries themselves or in the prayers. When I carry my Rosary in my pocket its like having my Bible, my prayer-book, my catechism, and my missal all there with me. Therefore a series is worth my effort. If nothing else, putting my own thoughts down will help me. I can hope and pray that others will be helped in some way also. In this series I will share my own personal thoughts on each mystery. Trust me, these will not be long or complicated. I try hard to keep things simple. Well, I don’t have to try very hard. I was pretty simple the day I was born. 🙂 But sharing is often fruitful. Especially if whats shared is worthwhile. The Rosary is certainly that. Maybe my thought will trigger a thought in you that you’ll share with somebody else who will share with somebody else who will … And that makes the sharing more than worth the effort. Who knows? In all that sharing maybe we will forge a chain, like the chain of a Rosary, that will bind hearts to Jesus through Mary.

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