The Chaplet of Conversion

What follows is not a Church approved devotion. In other words it hasn’t been submitted to a bishop and given an official ok. But that doesn’t make it “not ok.” A priest told me once that as children of God we could create such things. Sounds logical. With that in mind I offer the following. I think it appropriate at this point in time. I firmly believe that the Church is about to enter into a period of persecution unlike any other. I’ve said before that one of the worst forms of persecution I can think of is to be ignored. To be considered irrelevant. Watch the news broadcasts. Hear anything much about the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops and the unconstitutional health care mandate? Hear anything about freedom of religion being redefined? Or limited to houses of worship? No, you won’t hear much. It isn’t “news worthy”, aka it doesn’t improve ratings and increase revenues. It is irrelevant. There are people who persecute the Body of Christ knowingly. Others do it in ignorance. Still others do it by turning a blind eye. With all such folk in mind consider praying the following Chaplet of Conversion for our persecutors and their conversion.


> Note that you pray this chaplet using a regular rosary.

“Father in Heaven, I offer you this chaplet for the conversion of those people who persecute Jesus’ Church knowingly and also those who do it in ignorance. Father, please glorify Your mercy.”

“St. Paul, please help me pray for the conversion of those who persecute God’s Church.”

With your rosary make the sign of the cross, kiss the crucifix and make an act of contrition on the crucifix to purify yourself and your prayers.

On each bead, and on the center piece, repeat the following prayer: “Jesus, Mary, Joseph I love you, save souls.”

Make one full round, returning to the center piece. At the end, on the center piece, repeat the prayer: “Father in Heaven, please glorify Your mercy.”

Make the sign of the cross and kiss the crucifix.


I firmly believe that if enough people pray things will change. The thief on the cross proves to me that as long as there is breath it is never to late. But don’t forget that the thief spoke up.

Please Note: When I first posted this I was not aware that there is another “Chaplet of Conversion”. And I thought I had an original idea here. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, please don’t get the two confused. I think that the other, which is of course the original and altogether different from mine, is approved. At least it has both age and acceptance going for it. I content myself with the thought that even though my idea wasn’t original my version is. And I’m very sure that there can never be to many conversions or prayers to that end. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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