Do not say …

“Do not say FATHER if, every day, you do not behave like a son.

Do not say OUR if you live isolated by your ego.

Do not say WHO ART IN HEAVEN if you think only of worldly things.

Do not say HALLOWED BE THY NAME if you do not honor His name.

Do not say THY KINGDOM COME if you confuse this with material success.

Do not say THY WILL BE DONE if you do not accept it when it is painful.

Do not say GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD if you do not worry about the people who are hungry, or without culture and means to live.

Do not say FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES if you bear your brother a grudge.

Do not say AND LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION if you mean to continue sinning.

Do not say DELIVER US FROM EVIL if you do not take a position against evil.

Do not say AMEN if you do not take the words of the Our Father seriously!”

The above is taken from the little prayer-book used by the Invisible Monastery of Charity and Fraternity, which is a Church approved prayer group with over 10,000 members scattered all across the globe who join in prayer every Wednesday evening. It’s worth a Google.

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