Support Respect for Rights of Conscience Act

Support Respect for Rights of Conscience Act. Its time for all Catholics, all Christians, to take a stand.

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Feb. 27: Are You Hiding a Priest?

February 27 – Are You Hiding a Priest?. Yes, the One Holy Roman Catholic Church is currently under siege. Some things never change.

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Do not say …

“Do not say FATHER if, every day, you do not behave like a son.

Do not say OUR if you live isolated by your ego.

Do not say WHO ART IN HEAVEN if you think only of worldly things.

Do not say HALLOWED BE THY NAME if you do not honor His name.

Do not say THY KINGDOM COME if you confuse this with material success.

Do not say THY WILL BE DONE if you do not accept it when it is painful.

Do not say GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD if you do not worry about the people who are hungry, or without culture and means to live.

Do not say FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES if you bear your brother a grudge.

Do not say AND LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION if you mean to continue sinning.

Do not say DELIVER US FROM EVIL if you do not take a position against evil.

Do not say AMEN if you do not take the words of the Our Father seriously!”

The above is taken from the little prayer-book used by the Invisible Monastery of Charity and Fraternity, which is a Church approved prayer group with over 10,000 members scattered all across the globe who join in prayer every Wednesday evening. It’s worth a Google.

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“I stand at the door …

… and knock.” We’ve all seen the picture. Jesus, standing in front of a door, knocking. I’d seen it for years, don’t know how many times. Then it dawned on me. I couldn’t remember ever having seen one that showed a handle or knob on the outside of the door. It can only be opened from the inside. Jesus never forces Himself on any of us. He respects our free will, our freedom to choose. To choose for better or worse.

Can you imagine the Divine Guest going door to door? Knocking, hoping, waiting, listening to the sounds behind the door, knowing the need, desiring only our betterment and to share His love with the one, His beloved one, inside. Wanting to share His love, His grace, His favor, with … You. With me. With each individual even as each individual heart is approached. And the result? I guess that’s up to me. Up to you. He made His choice when He knocked.

We are His creation, His creatures. But out of love He endowed us with free will. We belong to Him just as any work of art belongs to its creator. For we are His works of art. Made for His glory. We are His. He stands at the door and knocks. Sadly scripture says that, “He came unto His own, and His own received Him not.”

Ever been too busy to answer the door? Doing dishes, not in the mood for company, trying to get ready for some outing, or just to tired (aka”lazy”) to turn off the tube and get up out of the chair? Next time someone knocks maybe I need to consider. It might not be someone. It might be Someone.

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Satan, Eve and the Fall

What follows is entirely my opinion and subject to Church authority. If I’m wrong, well, I’m wrong. But this opinion makes sense to me and I thought I’d share it here. Whatever else this post is it is definitely eclectic.

Have you ever wondered why Satan went to Eve and not Adam? Adam was, after all, the head of the human race. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to go to him? Consider the following:

Go to Job 38:1-7. God speaks to Job about the creation of the world. When that happened we’re told in verse 7 that, “the morning stars sang in chorus and all the sons of God shouted with joy.” This refers to the angels. Given this, along with first couple of chapters of Genesis, I take the order of creation to have been #1; the angels, #2; the heavens and the earth, #3; life on earth sans man, #4; man.

Now we turn to Ezekiel 28:11-19. While addressed to the king of Tyre most agree that its Satan whose actually being described here. Verse 17 indicates that the basic reason behind Satan’s fall was pride. My question here is, what triggered the pride?

Think about this scenario. God created angels who are pure spirit. In this they are more like God, Who is also pure spirit, than any other created thing or being. After He created the angels He made the physical universe and living physical beings, the flora and fauna. At all of this they sang joyfully. Angels have great intellect. They understood that this physical creation was unlike God or themselves. Being unlike God it was, in a way, “less than”. And as they were like God and the material world wasn’t the physical world was also somehow inferior to them. Not that it wasn’t perfect at this point. It was. But matter can be dissipated. Spirit is eternal. Then God did something altogether new. He made a living being that was composed of both preceding elements. Made up of both spirit and the physical He made man. Was this inferior because it was physical or on the same footing because it was spirit?

It was at this point I believe that God showed the angels something that triggered the pride in Satan. He showed the angels a woman and told them that God the Son would be born of her, taking the physical upon Himself, thus being One with ALL of His creation. God would be like man and man like Him just as He was like the angels and the angels like Him.

Satan, and others who would follow him, were aghast. Why, any God that would so lower Himself, to become “less than”, had no right to reign. Being pure spirit Satan could overcome such a One, a physical One, and reign in His stead! But this wasn’t all. God, after showing them the woman and explaining His plan to become a Man, also told them that this Mother of God, also a physical being, would be elevated to Queen of heaven and earth and the angels along with all creation would serve her. All of this was both the trigger and what pulled it. There was war in Heaven, Michael stood firm and exclaimed, “Who is like unto God?!” And the rest is history.

Now we return to the woman. Think about it. Eve was the only woman that existed. So Satan went to her rather than Adam. Thinking that it was to be Eve who would be the Queen Mother Satan tempted her. Satan would thus de-rail God’s plan and then conquer Him. Given the command of God to Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply I’m sure Satan understood that it might not be Eve, it could be one of her children. But not being sure he left nothing to chance.

More opinion. I belive that it was ALWAYS God’s plan to be born into the human race. Maybe that’s why, from all eternity, God the Son IS God the SON. What this would have entailed, God manifesting Himself in flesh had there been no fall, I’m not sure. But it’s obvious that if the above is right, or even close to being right, that no force in Heaven or on earth can thwart God’s design. Once again His all-powerful nature and the fact of His knowing the end from the beginning is there for all to see. Also a perfect example of Love and Family. Father, Son and Holy Ghost. And what family is complete without a Mother?

Who is like unto God?

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The Servites

February 17 – Marvelous Apparition of Our Lady To Seven Young Nobles. A very fine example of “to Jesus through Mary”. Today commemorates their spiritual legacy.

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‘The Fight Continues: We Need Your Help’

‘The Fight Continues: We Need Your Help’. It ain’t over til it’s over. HHS mandate remains unchanged in spite of the so-called compromise by Obama. We can’t stop now.

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The Obama HHS ‘Compromise’ Switches the Tiger for the Lion – Politics & Policy – Catholic Online

The Obama HHS ‘Compromise’ Switches the Tiger for the Lion – Politics & Policy – Catholic Online.

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‘”Obama Compromise Falls Short”, Al Kresta, National Spokesman for’

‘”Obama Compromise Falls Short”, Al Kresta, National Spokesman for’.

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A Reason to be Glad I’m Catholic

The reason that I’m Catholic, bottom line, is God’s grace. It is by God’s grace that I am what I am. If there is anything decent, anything good, anything wholesome in my life it’s because God in His mercy and love towards me put it there. All of the rest, the things I’m prone to and not so proud of, those things are my works and my responsibility. Based on all that I’ve lots of good reasons for being glad I’m Catholic. And I want to share one of them here. What I am about to share is very personal and represents what used to be (note the past tense) a horrendous wound that festered for years. But, again by His grace and as an expression of His love and mercy towards me, He healed it. He used various things to heal it but heal it He did. Now I want to share it here for a very simple reason. Perhaps someone else who still suffers from the same kind of pain will stumble upon this post, and trust me God’s grace can make that happen, and find in my experience hope for their own. Funny how being terminally ill seems to break down barriers that would otherwise hamper sharing.

I was born into an abusive environment. Physical, verbal and emotional abuse. The abuser was my mother. I was rescued at age five. At that point I weighed about 35 pounds. I am mot a small man, I do not have a small build. At age five I should have weighed twice 35 pounds. But because my mother didn’t feed me I was under weight and poorly nourished. I give this as an example of the physical abuse. I needn’t go into further detail. The verbal abuse, and via the verbal abuse the emotional abuse, was even worse. At five I had emotional scars that would take decades to heal. And then only by God’s grace. But as I said I was rescued by kind and loving relatives who did their best to put my existence right. I will forever be thankful for all they did. If it hadn’t been for them only God knows how things would’ve turned out. During my mid to late thirties God did several things that brought profound healing to me on a multitude of levels. All works of grace stemming from His love and Divine Mercy. Short version: Things were real bad, things got way better.

Given the above, short as it is, its easy enough to see that I never really had a mother. And it is because of that, because I had no mother, that I am so glad to be Catholic now. It’s just one reason, but its a huge one. What might my life have been like had I been blessed with a mother who was kind, who was gentle, a woman who was loving and showed it in all the right ways? How different things might have been if I’d only had a mom who set a good example, one who loved and served God, a woman who put her relationship with Him first. What effect would it have had on me to see her in prayer, to be taken to church by her, to be prayed for by her, and to have her teach me Faith? How would it have felt to be played with, given chores, disciplined in wholesome ways, teased lovingly, held when I cried, encouraged when I was down, and watched over when I was to caught up in being a child to notice her presence? I could say I’ll never know but I’d be lying. I’d be lying because by being Catholic I now have all those things and more in a realm more real and substantial than the one that seems so real to the senses. You see, God not only healed the hurt, He gave me His Mother as my own.  Mary.

I shared all of that, personal as it was, to say this. Never give up hope. God’s gifts, His reality, the graces He bestows are more substantial, more lasting, more real both in the now and for eternity than all the supposed earthly reality that the philosophers, politicians, humanists and scientists put together can muster. Trust me. Better yet trust Him. There is nothing so broken that He can’t fix it.