To Carry the Cross is to … ?

I am back. For anyone keeping up with this blog it’s been some time that I’ve posted. I needed some time, extra time, in prayer. I felt a need to, how do I express this? To … both expand and contract. I needed to let some things in and at the same time “boil down” others. And, having accomplished that by Gods grace and nothing more, well, I’m back. Part time anyway. Having gotten that explanation out-of-the-way let us continue the good fight in His Way. That Way which is both Truth and Light.

To carry the cross. My cross, your cross. What does that mean? What does it entail? I must look to His Way, the Way of the Cross, to understand what to carry my cross means. Its only by His grace given me through His example that I will learn, understand and progress along this (His) Way.

What does it mean, what might I expect? Well, what happened to Him? He carried the full weight of His cross. It was neither to heavy nor was it to light. This tells me that it was tailor-made for Him. This tells me that mine is tailor-made for me. It is mine and mine alone. My cross will not fit your shoulders any more than yours will rest comfortably on mine. Every cross is personal. In that respect it is a gift. This will become clearer to me as I follow this Way of the Cross. If I carry my cross as He carried His I will be like Him. The cross, both His and mine, draws me nearer Him even as He draws near me. Was the cross He carried an easy load for Him? No. It crushed Him down by its weight, it tore into His back and shoulders. It was not an easy burden to bear. I needn’t expect ease but rather hardship and pain. Does this make my cross unbearable? By no means. I am reminded that He did after all arrive at His destination. A cross is a burden, not an obstacle. It is, I recall, tailored to my needs and weaknesses. Will I fall under its weight? Did He? Yes. Need I fear the falls that are bound to happen? No. I needn’t fear because as I see Him get up again I understand that His grace is sufficient and I too will rise again if I place my trust in Him. I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me. And what about those times when the fall seems so severe, the load so much the heavier, the Way so long and arduous as to be impossible? There is always someone, a God-given someone, who appears to help just in time. They may do it willingly or they may have a Roman soldier, one who appears to be my enemy, press them into service but they will be there. I can trust in His providence. And the result of this Way? I will grow to be more like Him as I follow in His steps, as I follow the example He set … for ME. And the end of this way? The world looks at the end of His journey and sees Calvary. Death. I must remember to keep looking up. And in looking up I see beyond the death on the cross and behold the empty tomb. What does that mean to me? It means that someday, if I follow Him in faith and faithfully, I will be changed. And as I grow to be like Him now even so will I be made over perfectly in His image then, when at last I lay down my cross in order to pick up the crown of everlasting life that He has reserved for me in glory. And just as my cross is tailor-made so that it is a loving gift given to bring me closer to Him, just so will my crown be a perfect fit. Does a cross, mine or yours, seem burdensome? It needn’t. It is a gift for my betterment. It is love from His hand to my heart. If I fear it, if I deny it, if I run from it all I do is give Satan the victory and I lose all. If I embrace His gift to me, which is my cross, even as He embraced His own cross for love of me, I gain all. Let me embrace my cross, His loving gift to me, for love of Him.

P,s. Grate! i jusst figyured out that wile I waz gone Word pres chainged sTuf an now the grammmer/spill chec doe”znt wurk wit mi sistym. Well, now I gess we finD ought how smahrt I reelie a,m, do’nt wi? Meybe i woun’t b back az muc-h azi thot I wood. lol

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