Like a lamb led to the slaughter so was the Lamb of God led to Calvary. I suppose that you could liken the Crucifixion to a terrorist act. Certainly Rome was a terror to those it subjugated. And we have the example of “religious” fanatics in those who would cast out of the synagogue any who proclaimed Jesus to be the Christ. The highest and mightiest of the Jewish religious leaders of the day, were all against, all plotting, were all inciting others to kill the One Who came to give Himself a ransom for many. Many. Not all. Not all because not all would accept the ransom payment He offered for them. God forces no one. But the terrorists? They know nothing but force. And anger. And hatred. And hearts that fill with guile rather than the Love that should be there, would be there … If only they would accept. Terror resides, often as not, in the individuals inability to accept. It’s a heart condition. The result is hell, here or hereafter. Fires that are the result of jet fuel and hate or fires that are the result of the willful loss of the Beatific vision. It has been said that if to fight for one’s country be glorious, it is likewise GREAT glory to follow the Lord.


Our Lady of Guadeloupe, Protectress of the Americas, please watch over us and pray for us. Keep us from that terror of the heart which is hate and help us rather to follow Jesus, even if it be as lambs to slaughter. The meek shall inherit the earth. Thank you, Mother. Amen.

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