Acceptance versus Acceptabilty

Acceptance. It takes practise. It is the first step towards overcoming any fault, dealing with any problem. What comes after acceptance? That’s fodder for another post, although I’ll deal with it in part here. (Hey, it’s my blog. 🙂 ) But acceptance IS the first step towards any positive action in regards to any project (self comes to mind) and progress in that area. For example: My sinful nature. I accept it. By that I mean that it is what it is and I recognize it for what it is. That’s acceptance. Whats accepted isn’t necessarily acceptable. I accept my own personal shortcomings. This does NOT make them acceptable. If they were acceptable I wouldn’t need to work on them, they’d be OK as they are. A good analogy here, I think, would be alcoholism. For the alcoholic to accept their alcoholism is a first step in dealing with it. But this acceptance of fact does not make the fact of drinking thereby acceptable. On the contrary. Alcoholism or my own lower nature, or any other problem that needs dealing with, acceptance is the key to the solution. After all, I can’t deal with any problem as long as I’m in denial concerning it. Concupiscence. My soul yearns for good but because I’m affected by sin I get confused about what that good is and invariably go after the wrong thing or whats wrong for me. Understanding that, accepting it helps. But self-knowledge isn’t the answer to the problem, it just points the problem out. Paul said that when he wanted to do good he did evil. He KNEW that, but knowing it didn’t help conquer it. So what does conquer? Oddly enough we, I , conquer by surrendering. What the blind man said, when he saw his own blindness … “Jesus! Son of David! (An act of faith that statement. He was proclaiming Him, accepting Him as the Messiah.) Have mercy on me!” The publican at worship, who wouldn’t even raise his eyes for the shame he saw as his own sinful self … “God, have mercy on me a sinner.” Acceptance of my own lowliness and need brings me to that place … My knees. I can accept that. THAT place IS acceptable. A most efficacious path to holiness can be found via true acceptance of the One to which the path leads.

A blind person once asked St. Anthony: “Can there be anything worse than losing eyesight?” The saint replied: “Yes, losing your vision.”

God, help me to always see not just what I am but also what You can make of me. Hmmm. On second thought, just help me keep my eyes on You.

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