” … ‘Tis a gift to be simple … “

Spirituality comes in all shapes and sizes. That’s probably because God’s big enough to know ahead of time what will fit. For Him it’s simple. From time to time I turn to Brother Lawrence and his, “The Practice of the Presence of God”. I always marvel at the simplicity. A 17th century Carmelite lay brother he was described as a large and clumsy man. I have a hard time thinking of him that way. His “theology”, if I can call it that, is so simple and direct, so … fine. It makes me picture him in my mind as a person with fine features and fine movements and fine speech. It was an Episcopal priest who first shared the good Brother with me. Odd, at one point not so long ago (and I never could figure out the reason for it) I knew more Episcopal priests than I did Roman Catholic. Funny. But I’m grateful to Fr. Burton for the sharing. Personally I look forward to the day when we all celebrate the Real Presence together. And thanks to the Holy Spirit’s guidance of Pope Benedict XVI I think I see it coming. But back to Brother Lawrence. It’s his simplicity that draws me. He is in good company. St. Francis, so simple, so close to God. St. Peter, an uncomplicated fisherman. The Blessed Virgin, a simple young girl who was (and is) willing. Jesus Himself, no complicated Savior. A carpenter, working always with wood. No doubt specialized in cross beams. And that’s my point. True religion, real faith, a personal walk with God, and the love that flows both through and from that walk is, I believe, ALWAYS centered on the simple. Love of God, love of neighbor. How simple is that? And yet these two simple things contain all else. All flows from Love. Love is simple. This is what Brother Lawrence teaches me. And I’m thankful to him, and even more so to the God that placed such simple faith in his bosom. That God place the same in mine, I pray.

“Lord of all pots and pans and things …

Make me a saint by getting meals

And washing up the plates!”

Simplicity ought never to be confused with ease. 😉

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