Saint Bademus

Relativism and indifference. Just my opinion … Two of the most vicious forms of persecution. They run rampant in today’s world. It’s important to have modern-day saints if for no other reason than to remind us that sainthood is possible in the modern-day. A day when the world around us couldn’t care less. It’s hard to care back when continually confronted with a shrug and the monosyllable, “So?” Persecution used to be so much more “in your face”. Being, early on in the history of the Faith, a simple enough choice … Faithfulness or denial/life or death. Simple. And as I’ve said before: Simplicity ought never to be confused with ease.

St. Bademus was a rich nobleman, a resident of Persia. He founded a monastery, became its abbot, and governed it with wisdom and charity. Taken to prison for his faith he was laden with chains and tortured daily via stripes in an attempt to force him to forsake that sweet hope which is Christ. Our saint remained steadfast. Yet another Christian was imprisoned, Nirsan by name, being a Persian prince. When he saw the tortures awaiting him he gave away his faith, trading it for surrender to the pagan King Sapor. The infidel Sapor told him all would be forgiven and Nirsan returned to his place if only he would dispatch Bademus. Taking sword in hand he approached Bademus. In fear and weakness he tried to kill the holy monk. His blows, powered as they were by cowardice, made little headway in the sought after death but did inflict many wounds on our patient saint. Finally, after four strikes, the head was severed and Bademus was dead. Dead to this world as he had lived, alive in the next as was his want. That was about 1600 years ago. Guess it (sainthood) wasn’t any easier way back when either.

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