The Fourth Joyful Mystery

The Fourth Joyful Mystery of the Most Holy Rosary: The Presentation. Joseph and Mary took the Child Jesus to the Temple and offered the sacrifice demanded by the Mosaic Law. It was a sin offering. Why would they do that? There was no sin involved. Joseph had done nothing wrong, the Blessed Virgin had committed no sin, and the Divine Child was Innocent. Why make a sacrifice for sin when there was no sin? Sometimes its good to do the next right thing, not because its obligatory, but because it is the next right thing. Paul shaved his head so as to not offend the Jews, Blessed John Paul II took off his shoes when entering a mosque. Both are good examples of the gentle way of the Gentle Jesus. We are so fragile in our human weaknesses that a gentile touch is often required. And, when our faith isn’t compromised by the act, the act becomes an example of the Love of God. So Joseph and Mary, with Jesus, made sacrifice. Not because it was needed but because it was the next right thing to do. And what was the result? How did doing the next right thing, even tho it wasn’t necessary, effect those around them? Simeon and Anna got to see Jesus. Doing the next right thing, even when it wasn’t absolutely necessary, was all it took to bring Jesus into the lives of Simeon and Anna. How many times have I not done the next right thing just because I didn’t HAVE to? And how many people have been deprived of meeting Jesus as the result?

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