The Five Holy Wounds of Christ

Tradition. The Five Holy Wounds are listed as the right foot, left foot, right hand, left hand, and the wounded side of Jesus. For my part I’ve always thought of them a bit differently. And so I share my thoughts here …

The Feet: Where did His feet travel? How many times have mine refused to go forward or turned around and gone in the wrong direction?

The Hands: How willing were His hands to do the work of God? How often have mine been shoved into my pockets or put behind my back? Worse yet how many times have I lent them all to willingly to ungodly tasks?

The Back: He willingly gave His back to those who would strike Him, and this for my sake. How is it that I so easily turn my back on Him and His will for me?

The Brow: The crown of thorns, humiliation. How I run from even the thought of being humiliated. He deserved none of it, I deserve more than the world would be able to give.

The Side: How His heart bled for me. How I guard mine from bleeding at all cost, as though mine were more precious than His.

How giving, all giving, He was and is. How selfish and self-centered I am.

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