There’s a reason …

“For ev’ry pain that we must bear,

For ev’ry burden, ev’ry care,

… There’s a reason.

For ev’ry grief that bows the head,

For ev’ry tear-drop that is shed,

… There’s a reason.

For ev’ry hurt, for ev’ry plight,

For ev’ry lonely, pain-racked night,

… There’s a reason.

But if we trust God as we should,

It will work out for our good.

… He knows the Reason.”

The above poem is taken from the prayer-book, The Precious Blood and Mother, published by the Sisters of the Precious Blood, Monastery of the Precious Blood, 700 Bridge Street, Manchester, New Hampshire 03104. Its one of the best little prayer books I’ve seen, just the right size for pocket or purse, and sells for $1 each with some extra for postage, etc. The book is worth much more than that and the good sisters are deserving of support, living as contemplatives and making their own way financially by repairing damaged religious statues. Having said that …

I like the above poem. I don’t suppose it will threaten to overthrow Robert Frost’s rank as a poet extraordinaire but there is more to real, true poetry than structure and the mechanics of rhythm and rhyme. And, being familiar with Mr. Frost, I am sure he would agree. One definition of poetry, as opposed to verse, is that poetry, unlike something consisting of only verse, even structurally perfect verse and nothing more, is that true poetry evokes emotion. Verse doesn’t do that. So the above little poem is poetry for me because it strikes a chord.

The chord …

At one point in my life I was filled with questions. Why this, and why that, and why this and not that, and why, why, why? All of that’s ok. It’s ok to question. I do believe that its important to ask a question with sincerity and in honesty. Otherwise, well if there’s an ulterior motive, maybe its best not to ask. But that’s fodder for another post. I’m thinking of an honest, heart-felt question here. One with a real need to know attached. I had one of those, years ago. And, late one night, alone with God and tears, I asked. And I received. Answer. It was wonderful. It was a burning question for me. Asked in simplicity and honesty and with a real need to know. I think those are the questions, when we bring them to God, that get answers. And mine got its answer. It changed my life, gave me a reason for pains, healed a horrible wound that had festered for decades, and brought an end to a situation and a peace to my heart and mind that, concerning that issue, reside with me still. All of this transpired many, many years ago. What was the question? What was the situation? Well, no ones business actually. Those things aren’t the point. Even the healing and peace aren’t the point. The real point is the lesson learned. I learned this: When a question is asked honestly and with a real need to know there IS an answer, and I can trust God for that. Always. Know what added benefit went with this little insight? The need to ask. It left. It was replaced by trust. I don’t need to ask. I don’t need to know. Its ok not to ask or know. Because now that I know there ARE answers I can TRUST God to let me know when and if I need to. And that’s His judgement call. I am content with that. It’s answer enough.

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