He is risen!

“Easter is an extraordinary adventure, reminiscent of catastrophe and of victory; reminiscent of the dual between death and life, of the free decision of fateful destiny between our perdition and our salvation. It would have been useless for us to have been born if we had not been granted the good fortune of being born again.”

“So let the celebration of Easter in sacramental Communion with Christ risen and alive be preceded by the celebration of Easter in sacramental Penance with Christ who died and rose again for our redemption (cf. Rom. 4:25).”

“In the plan for the salvation of the human race everything depends on the living relationship which we can establish between Christ and ourselves. But this saving relationship with Christ demands some personal initiative on our part, however slight. In other words, it requires response from our liberty, from our faith, from our love.”

– Pope Paul VI

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