Holy Week / Palm Sunday

“The Paschal Mystery means the passing from death to life, from the present state of existence to the supernatural, eschatological state, consummated by Christ during His passion, through His death, and then celebrated through His resurrection and His ascension to His Father’s right hand side. This passing is made possible, or rather offered to us by way of faith, the sacraments and the following of Christ.”

“If we are really Christians we must share in the Lord’s passion, and we must bear our cross daily in the footsteps of Jesus. The crucified Christ is the example.”

“Jesus suffers for us! He is victim. He shares the physical evils of man to cure him from moral evil, to cancel in Himself our sins. Sorrow which in the natural world is an isolated thing, for Jesus is a point of encounter, a communion. Will you think on it, brothers? You may lack all things, but not Jesus on the cross. He is with you. He is with you.”

– Pope Paul VI

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