The Spiritual Advisor

Many people desire to have a spiritual counselor or director. For many this is a good thing, much to be desired. For others it may not, depending on their vocation, be a necessity. But everyone profits from good council, regardless their vocation. For those desiring direction but not needing a director per se, I would offer the following suggestion …

Get a copy of the Lives of The Saints and read it. Daily. Daily take the saint for that day as your own, personal, spiritual advisor and example. Practice a little Jesuit spirituality and work with the visualization technique taught by St. Ignatius Loyola. Put yourself in the picture so to speak. For that day walk with your days saint. Copy the example that you’ve read about. Use your imagination. It is a God-given gift and given for a reason. Perhaps this form of meditation is the reason. But don’t go overboard with imagining. Imagination is a good thing, but there is also such a thing as to much of a good thing. Moderation in all things. Good Benedictine advice about Jesuit spiritual practice. ;-0

I think the above, simple as it may seem, can produce marvelous results. Even if only practiced for one day a week. What a journey of faith might be made in just one day. After all, God created male and female all in one day. Perhaps a re-creation might be accomplished in the same time period. It’s worth a shot. 😉

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