My vows …

The vows commonly associated with what we term the Evangelical Councils (poverty, chastity, and obedience) originated with St. Francis of Assisi. Prior to his time most religious took vows based on the Rule of St. Benedict. These vows centered on … #1: Stability. In other words you were going to stick with the religious life. #2: Fidelity. Meaning that not only were you going to stick with the religious life but that you were going to stick with your particular monastery as well. #3: Obedience. I call it “conversion of life.” Meaning simply that you would strive towards the perfection that is Christ on an ongoing, aka daily, basis. Which striving would of necessity call for obedience. All of what I just said is, of course, my take and my wording. More precise info can be had from St. Benedict himself. See the Rule, 58:17. Having said all of that is a prelude to saying this: Today is the second anniversary of my own, private vows. These were aside from the promises I  made during my oblation at the monastery, and I made these vows with the permission of my parish priest. As I wrote them I share them here …

“I, (my name here), do solemnly promise before my God the following:

I make to God a vow of stability, promising always and to the best of my ability with the help of His grace to be of unity of purpose with, loyal to, and identified with the Holy Roman Catholic Church, her visible head our Holy Father the Pope, and all the magisterium.

I make to God a vow of conversion of life, striving daily with the help of His grace to remain always true to His will for me in all things.

I make to God a vow of fidelity, aiming in all my ways, in mind and heart, in body and soul, with the help of His grace to be obedient to His will for me as expressed to me by Him through the authority of His Church, it’s leadership, and those placed in rightful authority over me by Him and it.

In making these vows I ask God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit to strengthen me, a creature of God’s, with my Creator God’s grace that I might stand firm in my vows, my resolve being always a mirror of His mercy so that others might be brought to His love. And may His grace and mercy be extended to me both in this life and the next, for eternity. Amen.

And I ask Blessed Mary ever virgin, who as Our Lady of Guadalupe is both my Mother and my Queen, all of the angels (especially my Guardian Angel), and the saints (especially my patron Saint Jude and my patroness Saint Dymphna) to pray for me to the Lord our God. Amen.”

These vows I took two years ago today, kneeling before the Real Presence in the Tabernacle.

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