Lenten Season

“To make straight the way of our life: this is one of the main concerns of the Church, as the teacher who directs our actions. And this concern is specially strong in the period before Easter. It has prompted that discipline that subjects our consciences to reflection and to a consequent revision of our conduct. Life must have an orientation, a pole of direction, which in the last analysis, or rather in the first intention, is God, to whom Christ guides us and unites us.”

“We must think of the deep and recapitulary meaning of our existence in time: it is a test, it is an examination. Hence the wisdom of the examination of conscience. Hence the wholesome sense of good and evil, of uprightness and sin. Hence the impelling need of Christ the Savior. Hence the providence of the cross, the instrument of our salvation and the sign of an infinite, merciful love. Hence the wisdom of penitence, which expiates, corrects and rehabilitates.”

– Pope Paul VI

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