Offer It Up

In studying the lives of saints how often do we witness their ardent desire to offer up to Jesus their sufferings? To unite, as Paul did, their sufferings to His? And in the past, tho I’ve not heard of it so much lately, children were taught to, “Offer it up.” “It” being their sufferings. At one point in time, and for a long time, this was a common practice among Catholics. It needs to be stressed in this day. I’ve written about it here before. But offering up our sufferings is actually not my point here. My point here is offering it up. So, if not suffering, then what “it” am I in reference to? Offer “it” up …

Today, for my lunch, I cooked a special meal. I try to do that on Sunday. Something special, not elaborate, but special. Because its Sunday and Sunday, being God’s Christian Sabbath, is special. This, as the Psalmist wrote, is, being the day of Resurrection, THE day that the Lord has made. And I ought to be happy and rejoice in it. So I do. At the Table of the Lord, Mass, and then at the other table He has given me. The table at home. This “at table” however begins “at kitchen.” And so I cooked … A bacon wrapped beef filet in sesame oil seasoned with garlic, black pepper and parsley. When finished I topped it off with a little horseradish sauce. Along with this main dish I made a small sweet corn casserole. And after all this I took the fat, grease, and oil left from cooking the steak and tossed artichokes in it. Ok. Lest anyone misunderstand, everything I just called off, save for the spices, was given to me. Now, I’m not the worlds greatest cook. But today? Well, I could’ve passed for a close relative. And I gave thanks. And then, after being so well fed, a thought occurred to me as I read about a saint’s desire to unite her sufferings with Jesus’. I was reading of St. Emma Galgani. And the thought came … As Jesus hung there upon His cross, suffering, how much might it have meant to Him, what a comfort might it have been to Him, had someone offered up to Him … their joy? What if, at that moment of suffering when He had only bitter gall to taste, what might it have meant to Him if someone in the crowd had stepped forward and said, “Thank you Jesus for the good food you created for me and allowed me to enjoy today.”

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