The Days of Whine and Roses

It occurs to me that my last two posts, in one way or another, refer to roses. With that understanding, and the above title tucked firmly under my belt, here goes … ” I am a flower of Saron, a lily of the valley.” The Canticle of Canticles, 2:1. ( Confraternity Version. Saron is how it’s spelled here. Most versions render it Sharon. ) Many take this verse as a reference to Christ. I think that a careful reading of the text makes it clear that here the Bride, not the Bridegroom, is speaking. That would make the above text a reference to, A: Israel as God’s Bride under the Old Covenant. B: The Church as Christs Bride under the New Covenant. C: The Blessed Virgin Mary as the Immaculate Spouse of God. D: Any or all of the above depending on your theological point of origin or departure. ( An interesting aside here is that these roses grew on the Plain of Saron located between Mount Carmel and Jaffa. Given Mary’s traditional connection with Carmel, well, I think the coincidence speaks loudly for itself. ) However we define the person or persons one thing is sure. This is good company to be in. So, long story short, I want to be where the roses are. In good company as it were. I get up in the a.m. and have prayer, preparing myself for the day, knowing that I need preparation because having been called out of this world and into His marvelous light I’m still in it ( the world, that is ) even while not of it. So I prepare in prayer. Depending on the day maybe I get to go to Mass too. Then … The World. And, like it or not, The Flesh. And … along comes, you guessed it, The Devil. Suddenly I feel out numbered. I’m not. The One in me is greater. Still, being human, I forget sometimes. Jesus told me to follow Him, that His burden is light. Why do I feel so laden down with … Self? Because in taking up my cross I forget to set self aside? Perhaps. Because I forget to keep my eyes, not on the Way of Sorrows before me, but on the Goal? Maybe. Because, Greek and Aramaic and Hebrew and Latin and even Coptic for good measure all set aside, I’d like to believe that “light” load is a reference to Truth and not weight? Well, no. That’s just ego. But there’s the rub … Ego. “I” want to walk in and with roses, rather than just walk with my eyes on the mark. I think I just want to stay at home, avoiding at least some of the above. But what virtue is there in the practice of virtue in a void? Is that even possible? Where would that trying by fire be then? Even Jesus spent most of His time surrounded by Pharisees, tax collectors, hookers, lepers, and 12 disciples ( one of which was a devil ). And He is my example. But … I want, I want, I want. And so I forget. So I whine, “Why can’t I do better?” I want to see my own progress. Ego, whine amongst the roses. If I could see progress what a hey day my ego would have then! My eyes fall short of the Goal which is Christ, eyes lowered, looking intently upon my own path instead. Instead of keeping my eyes lifted up, looking to the hills, Calvary, from whence cometh my help, looking towards the Way that is the Light upon my path. The old phrase, “Put a cork in it!”, suddenly comes to mind. Ah, I need a cork for my whine. 😉

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