The bests enemy

If I imagine the very best thing I can, and then ask myself “What would its enemy be?”, what would my answer be? Well, one answer would certainly be, “Something bad.” But the bests enemy is rarely so obvious. So what sort of enemy of the best would be more subtle and therefore harder to resist, seeing how its harder to spot? Well, it seems to me that the good is often as not the enemy of the best. I mean, after all, the good looks, well, good. But whats good isn’t always whats best. So how to differentiate? How to learn to set priorities might be another way to say the same thing. Asking myself a very simple question when trying to decide whats good and whats better often settles it. Question: Does one of my choices bring me closer to God? If I answer yes, if its obvious that one draws me nearer to my Lord, even though the other alternative is good, then my understanding of which brings me closer to Him decides the issue. If they both look so good that I can’t decide maybe it doesn’t matter which I chose. But before I make that judgement call maybe I ought to play it safe and ask my parish priest, or my spiritual advisor, or a friend who’s judgement I trust. It’s obvious that the bad leads me away from my Ultimate Good, which is God. But when I start dealing with more subtle “goods” and “betters”, it’s always best to ask that question … “Lord, which of these choices brings me nearer to you?”

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