A Christmas Story

Years ago, when I was in my teens … Ok, ok, MANY years ago when I was in my teens … It was Christmas. A time for family, a time for giving and receiving, a time for carols and warmth and peace on earth. All good, all wholesome, all right. But that Christmas was different. I still don’t know why, I just realize now, looking back, that it was. Different. I didn’t stay home that Christmas day with whoever else was there. I don’t even remember now who might have been there. The people no longer comprise the memory. I put popped popcorn in a bag, grabbed up a needle and some thread and headed for the woods. Heading for the woods wasn’t odd for me at that age. I pretty much lived there. But this year was different. I went into the woods on Christmas day. And using the needle and thread I stung the popcorn. I decorated a little pine tree with it. The tree was a bit on the homely side, a little like the one on the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Honestly, after I decorated it with the strung popcorn, it was still pretty homely. But it was there for the birds to eat. That was my point. To be glad for the popcorn and the sharing. And the birds. And most importantly to be alone in a good way and to have time to think. And I think that at that time Christmas changed for me. That one was different and to this day Christmas is still a different kind of day for me. It’s no longer about those things I mentioned above. It’s not about giving or receiving with family and friends. It’s not about warmth and song and the comforts of home. Again, all that’s good. It’s about something else now. It’s about solitude and reflection. Going out into the woods, being alone, thinking. Thinking about that relationship with the One and only Gift that really matters. And so, in that spirit of reflection and the solitude needed to bring it to fruition, and not out of any type of antisocial leanings, this year for Christmas I will do something that to others may seem a tad different … I will close the door, pull the drapes, and be alone with that One True Gift. That’s what Christmas has become for me. A good down time. Oh, and I’ll probably make popcorn too.

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