The third increment

My oncologist told me the above would make a good book title. I went to see him a few days ago. Every three months I have blood work done so as to keep track of any changes as per my cancer and current state of remission. So I tell folks that they let me live in three month increments. Hence the above. All my doctors have humor. If not at the start then somewhere down the line in dealing with me. I think, or I like to think, that I am contagious in that way. Blood work turned out well. I’m the healthiest dead guy walking. Anyway. Good that way for a little over a year now. Thank you, Lord. What makes my blood work turn out well? Well … Sirach tells me that God uses doctors. I’m convinced of the truth in this. Everyone tells me positive mental attitude is also a plus. I’m convinced of this as well. The support of friends is a big thing for me too. All of these are a measure of my success. But ultimately its the blood work that has kept me and I trust will keep me alive. But not the blood work ordered by my oncologist. No, I mean the blood work requested by my Father and carried out by my Elder Brother. I believe that all of the above work together towards a positive end but that the positive beginning of all these and their effectiveness is based solely on the blood work done for me on Calvary. Its his (Jesus’) blood work that gives ALL of the rest the needed power, effectiveness both in the here and now and in the hereafter. And today is the first Sunday of Advent. I have been blessed to have lived through yet one more liturgical year. At the start this was my main request of God. To let me live long enough to celebrate all the Holy days of obligation within one liturgical year. The trick was that when I was sick and missed one I got to start over. Well, if I do Christmas this year the jig is up. Thats ok. I’ll last as long as He wants me to. I wouldn’t want to leave before He’s ready, or stay longer than He wants. The cool thing about all that? His blood work covers not only the staying but the going as well. Maranatha.

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