The Prayerful Abacus

The prayerful abacus … my Rosary. As poetic as that may sound, and as correct as it is as far as it goes, there is of course much more to it than that. The Rosary is more than an abacus for counting prayers. Its a chain. While its true that the chain links the beads together, its more than a physical chain. You see, for me the Rosary is a spiritual reality linking together things spiritual. And linking those things spiritual to me by way of prayer and meditation. The chain links the Mysteries of the Life of Christ to human eyes. I can see those events in his life through the eyes of his mother and mine. Mary. The chain links me to him through her. Links go both ways, and the reverse of that statement is just as true. The Rosary chain links me to other things as well. It links me to the Archangel Gabriel via the Annunciation and angelic hosts by way of the song sung on high at the Nativity. It links me to shepherds and wise men, to Apostles, Roman Centurions, Veronica´s veil, the Shroud of Turin, and an empty tomb. It links me to generations of pious Roman Catholics, to countless souls in Purgatory, and to the indulgences granted me by my Lord through his Body, the Church. It links me in time to the very first creed and to every other creed and council there after. It links me to our mother, now and at the hour of my death. It links me to the Christ that died, the Christ thats risen, and the Christ that will come again. To the One who in dieing destroyed my death and in rising restored my life. It links me to all the Gospel truths and to all things good, wholesome and holy. And more. I´m told that cyber space is limitless. It can´t contain the glories of my mother´s Rosary. Much less the Glories of God that this chain touches upon. So I´ll stop here. This is what the prayerful abacus does for me.

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