St. Expeditus

There are several stories regarding St. Expeditus. The name is spelled in more than one way, like Expidite, and some think him fictional. Thats ok. A belief that a thing or person or idea ¨isn´t¨ doesn´t negate the truth of the mater it just means that some one lacks faith or knowledge in/on that particular topic. Belief, or the lack of same, lends actual reality to nothing. I say ¨actual reality¨, think: factual reality. My personal ¨reality¨ ain´t always real. I can believe all I want that the moon is made of green cheese, but that doesn´t change its molecular structure one bit. All thats not really my point here, its just ¨by way of introduction¨ given the subject. So, in good faith, and having done some homework … St. Expeditus is a real saint with a real story to tell. He was a centurion. Centurions must have been very noble, so many of them are spoken well of in the Bible and history. I guess it took a special sort of person to qualify for that rank in the Roman army. Maybe that explains why so many made the grade not only in the Roman military but in the realm of spiritual warfare as well. Anyway, St. Expeditus. He was confronted with a major decision. To be a Christian or not to be a Christian, that was the question. In Italian culture and folk lore crows are known for their preoccupation with the future. Its like they´re fixated on it. Here we see a picture of a crow and it says, ¨Caw, caw.¨ In italy when you see a picture of a crow it always says ,¨Tomorrow, tomorrow.¨ St. Expeditus was thinking. Be a Christian, or not. He stood there. A crow flew by. It landed at his feet and said, ¨Tomorrow, tomorrow.¨ It wasn´t really a crow, it was Satan (or a messenger of Satan) hell bent on keeping Expeditus from Christ and His saving grace. But Expeditus realized this. It actually helped him make a decision, deciding for Christ. He said, ¨No! I shall be a Christian today!¨ And having said that, having decided in favor of Jesus, he stomped the crow to death. Put Satan in his place, yes sir. Put off till tomorrow what needs to be done today? For St.Expeditus … Nevermore! I procrastinate. Worse, I put off procrastination. The example of Expeditus helps me. I will live for Jesus … NOW! In the army you do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. Am I a soldier of Christ´s or not? I like centurions. I call St. Expeditus the patron saint of get ´er done! Theres a most excellent website in his honor. . Visit. He is friend of mine. My saintly friends are a little like the military. I have ranks. First rank is St. Jude, St. Dymphna, and St. Benedict. Second rank, backup if you will, consists of St. Philomena, St. Dismas, and St. Expeditus. God willing I´ll treat all of them here given time. They´re my friends, I love them. They are family. But I thought to deal with St. Expeditus now. Didn´t want to put it off. His feast day is April 19.

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