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Sacred Heart

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If I could boil down my walk with Christ to two, just two, things what would they be? Just two things keeps it simple. I´m a firm believer in simplicity. I´ve also come to understand that simplicity ought never be confused with ease. But what would those two simple things be? The boiling down has already been done for me. I ought, simply, to love the Lord my God with all my heart and my whole being, and then I need to love my neighbor. Simple. Not always easy. Things get in the way. The principle thing getting in the way always seems to be the same thing and the one thing I can´t get away from … self. Well, no one ever said this wouldn´t take work. As a matter of fact I´m told to work out my salvation. One of my favorite works is The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis. Imitating Christ, trying to be like him, is a labor (theres that work again) of love. Being like Jesus begins with love of him and ends in love of others for his sake. The Imitation of Christ, book 3, chapter 5, paragraph 6 … ¨Enlarge me in love, that with the inward palate of my heart I may learn to taste how sweet it is to love … ¨ An enlarged heart. I know that the Heart of Jesus is a big heart. Lots of room for love of others, love for … me. So I need to make my heart a copy of that Heart. Better yet, lets take my heart out of the way all together (there goes self) and replace it with his Most Sacred Heart. Then, by truly loving as he loves, I´ll live as he wants me to and I´ll walk by the Light of those two simple things mentioned above. Those two things that contain, by extension, all other things good and true in a natural and loving way.

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