Calvary cross

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Jesus lets me know that if I gain everything and loose my own soul in the bargain that I´ve truly lost all. Paul said that he counted all things as so much dung . If he didn´t have Christ he had nothing. Less than nothing. These thoughts make me to understand that I should desire Jesus above all else and be willing to give up all else in order to attain him. This is what I should desire more than anything. More than anything I should desire Jesus. There is nothing else. Its what he wants too. He wants to give himself to me so that I can have him. He has been working towards this end, for me, for all time. Especially from manger to Calvary to Mass. All for want of me. Without Jesus I have nothing. So he is all I want. And he stands always ready to seal this togetherness. I can´t be happy till he gives himself to me (he is ready) and I accept him. (I´m ready too.) But, if I´m supposed to want him more than anything, ought I not be concerned about him and his wants? Whats he want? Maybe his Most Sacred Heart yearns for the same thing my poor heart pines for. Union. Maybe he can´t be happy without my giving my self for and to him also. Paul said that if he gave all he had, even gave his body to be burned, and didn´t have love it was all for nothing. God is Love. Jesus doesn´t want my money, my sacrifices of what ever kind. I´m not saying these things aren´t good, are not useful. But he doesn´t want these things unless I give MYSELF, out of love for him, to him FIRST. After all, how do you give anything to the Creator and Owner of the universe? The best I can do is give something back that he first gave to me. What greater gift to give than the one he gave? Self.

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