The Sacred Heart


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The Sacred Heart. Not just any heart, but his heart. The heart is thought of as the seat of emotion, that place on the inside of each of us from which love flows. One explanation of the Sacred Heart that I read sometime ago, and the one that resonated with me, was that references to this Heart were simply references to those things that Jesus loves the most. That works for me. It works for me because it explains for me a big question that bothered me big time. My question was … ¨How can I make the Sacred Heart my heart?¨ I ask this question because, for me anyway, to make Jesus´ Heart my heart (another way of saying the same thing would be to say ¨To make my heart LIKE his heart.¨) is to follow him. To be like him. I mean, thats the goal isn´t it? For the disciple to be like the Master? To be Christ-like? Well, if the meaning of the Sacred Heart is all that Jesus loves then the answer to my question is simple. I´ve said it before and I´ll say it again here, simplicity ought never be confused with ease. But the answer is simple. If I want his Heart to be my heart, if I want my heart to be like his Heart, all I need to do is love what he loves. Simple. Not easy. He loved the ones who spit on him and laughed at him and struck him and pounded nails into his flesh and … I get ticked off at the car in front of me for not hitting their turn signal. But there is a saving grace here. I am commanded to love. Not asked, commanded. Read 1 John. Love is not debatable. Its not a take it or leave it kind of deal. I have to #1: Love God, and #2: Love my neighbor as myself. All of God´s law, all of His Word and His Truths rest on these two things. But you see, that its COMMANDED is what gives me hope. Because I know that God doesn´t ask the impossible and I also know that every command implies a choice on my part. I can do it or not. So I can do it, it is possible. Even if I think its not I can take heart in the promise that God will help me do anything through Christ who strengthens me. So there. That settles it. I can love like Jesus loves. I can make the Sacred Heart my heart. I have the choice. Love is a choice. He promises to help. And I´m told that love is wanting whats best for the other person, and, if possible, helping to bring that best about. Now its starting to look manageable. Doable. At least I don´t have to like the guy in the car ahead of me. Like and love are not the same. Loves a command, a choice. Like is an emotional response I have little or no control over. My opinion. I can chose to love you. I will never like buttermilk. Doable. Then I look at his Great Heart and all the love that flowed from it. It flowed outward. To the one who spit on him and the one who laughed at him and the one who struck him and … the guy in the car in front of me who brakes and turns without hitting his turn signal. Doable. Simple. Not easy. I gotta long way to go. I pray I don´t loose … Heart.

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