The Express Novena

Mother Teresa 1985 cropped

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¨Whenever I need a special favor, I do an Express Novena. An Express Novena is nine Memorares in a row,¨ Mother Teresa. The Express Novena of Mother Teresa has become one of my dearest devotions. In 1983 one of the Superiors of her order, living in East Berlin, became ill. Mother Teresa had to appoint a replacement, one who could deal effectively with the Communist regime. The appointed sister needed a visa. Mother Teresa gathered her nuns together and they began to pray the Express Novena to this end. On the eighth Memorare the phone rang. The communist official on the other end had news. It would take six months to get the visa. Mother teresa began the novena again. On the eighth Memorare the phone rang again. This time a communist official told her that a visa was to be issued immediatly. Is it any wonder Communism fell?

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