The Third Joyful Mystery

Nativity scene

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The Nativity. Third Joyful Mystery of the Most Holy Rosary. The birth of a baby. Not just any baby. I see Mary and Joseph in a stable, in the dead of winter, the new born peacefully sleeping. I seem to see lots of things in my minds eye. Animals content in their Creators presence. Stars shining brighter than normal, reflecting angelic joy. What one might call the ultimate folly, in fact the Divine Wisdom made evident in Love, manifest in Flesh. But, for me anyway, what I don´t see is just as important. I see what I need to put into effect daily in my own walk both for and with that same Divine Child here on earth. I see a complete and total lack of turmoil. I see no want. I see acceptance. I see trust in God´s providence. I see detachment. And not just from the material aspects of daily being. I think that the pious acceptance of poverty is obvious. I see detachment also in the emotional content of the individuals involved. A detachment from fear, from worldly concern by those so engulfed in other-worldly concerns that this worlds cares seem only shadows. But I see detachment in the social realm as well. I see poor shepherds, blue collars covered in dust and sweat, accepted by Royalty as if they were family. I see wise men, laden with earthly riches brought as gifts to Royalty on camel back, accepted on the same terms as those who bring only earthy riches in their hearts. The poor, the rich, the uneducated, the wise and well schooled, all accepted on the same terms, in the same stable, at the side of the same manger, all by the same One and all for the same reason … Love. ¨My brethren, do not join faith in our Glorious Lord Jesus Christ with partiality towards persons.¨ James 2,1. The sun shines and the rain falls on all. And thats all because of His Mercy and Love. I see, not so much in my minds eye but rather in my own heart, what it is that I´m supposed to learn from this Mystery. What it is that I´m supposed to carry with me daily as I walk, my small hand in his mighty hand, with this Child. I will try my best to carry with me my Mother´s Rosary, all that she teaches me with it, and the love she shares with me for the Babe that is her Son. In this way perhaps, just maybe, I can better be her son also, and by being that be a better follower of her Son. He asks me to take up my cross and follow him. As I follow The Man I ought never forget the Babe. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever. Always the Man, always the Babe … Perhaps the beams of his cross began with the wood of his manger.

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