The Third Glorious Mystery

The Pentecost

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When I pray my Rosary I always ask Mother Mary to use the prayers and the mysteries to teach me how to live for Jesus. And it seems to me that she is most gracious in her response. When I think about the Third Glorious Mystery … This is how I live for Jesus … The Holy Spirit fell upon the new Body of Christ. He was there for them, and has been there for the leaders of that Body from then until now. Jesus said he would be with his followers till the end. He said he would send another Comforter, the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Truth who would be with his Body, the Church, to lead and guide it into all truth. In living for Jesus I can have confidence in this Leader, this Guide, the Holy Spirit and his actions in and through the Body of Christ. So, how do I live for Jesus? By understanding that the Holy Roman Catholic Church is a divine instrument and not a human organism. I can live for Jesus by keeping this fact in my mind and heart, and by not paying to much attention to the foibles on any given individual member or members. I remember what Jesus said, that there would be weeds mixed in with the wheat, and so, having been warned ahead of time by Jesus about this, I´m not shocked by the weeds when they spring up. Actually, given the state of the world, I´m surprised that there are not more of them. I can trust the Church, the Pope and the Bishops as a whole, because its God thats working though them. This is how Mother Mary teaches me by my Rosary … This is how I live for Jesus … I trust his Church.

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